Friday, November 11, 2011

I love all our Men and Women..we support you!

I spent this morning thinking about how blessed I feel that Jim is no longer in the service..that he will be home with us for the holidays. That he is safe and well.  Even though he is working out of state and I miss the man like crazy..I know he is safe. My heart is with all the men and women who are not home..who are apart from their families. Those brave who make it safe for us! Thank you all.

I could not for the life of me find a way to express this today...until I heard this beautiful song.

By Scott Grimes, his daughter and Jay. Beautiful voices and a heartfelt message. This is a free download he posted on Twitter. He was kind enough to give me permission to offer it up here. Thank you Scott!

 I was a sobby wreck listening to it..but it offered up just what I was feeling. So take a second and take a listen! Hugs all, Sarah


Holly said...

On behalf of Evan and all of us who wait for one who serves, I love you for posting this.

Judy said...

Glad he's home for you, but statistically, he was probably safer over there...

Cinner said...

Well now you got me crying... It is beautiful. thanks for popping by today, you made my day. I was so surprised because I know how busy you are. your blog looks beautiful and I love your blog header....may we always remember and value each day.

Bella Sinclair said...

That is a beautiful song!

Bless our veterans and men and women in service. Thank you! Wonderful of you to post this.

Hope you're feeling better today. I'm doing well, thanks for asking. More good days than bad. Hope your man comes home soon. Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah!


Queenie Believe said...

Thank you for your beautiful tribute to our men and women serving in the military.
Have a great day.
Always Queenie