Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Musings and Electricity.....and muffins:)

Ya know what happens when your Muse gangs up with the Warrior Woman in you?? Well lots of intense pushing and dragging of you onto the correct path. There is encouragement and then prodding..then keeping awake at night until you get it. Which is a bit annoying really..but effective.

But as I posted here.. a few days ago..the lightening is still crackling around me! So here is the thing..if you are going to actually listen to your Muse..and I would suggest this have to be ready for that warrior woman in you to step up too. Cause sometimes to make the seemingly impossible happen..ya have to be wicked brave and act.

Some would say that at 51 I should be thinking about slowing down..I am too old to be pursuing new and exciting things...uhmmmmm...I guess they don't know me real well huh? The warrior woman in me was (and still is) demanding that I be brave and Let Fly. So I did...I stepped out there and trusted that what these two were demanding of me was possible. Ya know is...within 12 hours of posting my intent..things started happening..amazing wonderful things. I will be revealing all of that soon. One little hint.. I might just maybe be in the recording studio sometime soon singing with my daughter Hanna...and with the help of an amazing bloggy friend...I will fulfill a long time wish and dream of mine. She knows who she is(huge hugs)...and I will reveal all soon.
So I am asking you to day to share something with me... your hearts desire..your fondest wish for you. What have you put on the shelf? You know the ones, that you fondly pick up now and again and  wonder..what if I had just......? Yes those..would you share them with me today? I would love to hear!!

Of course there is coffee..wonderful Kona with lots of flavors to add! Muffins today cause the weather is wicked cold and warm muffins warm the soul!
Thank you for popping by all..I so love when you do!
Namaste, Sarah


Bella Sinclair said...

SQUEAL! I'm so THRILLED for you! I'm so glad to hear you have been flying. Can't wait to hear more. :DDD

I can't tell ya what my dreams are, because I haven't been listening to my muse lately. I think she's on vacation. Thanks for the yummy muffins!

yoborobo said...

YAY! I'm so happy for you! You go, girl! My muse is a little muddled lately. She keeps changing her mind about what she wants. I'll keep you posted. Maybe she will decide something soon. ;) xox

Rue said...

Yay! You are NEVER too old to try something new - and 51 is still plenty youthful! My mom is 63 and I have a hard time keeping up with her. She just informed me that she wanted some tattoos!

Can't wait to hear about all that you are doing!

My muse is stretched in many different directions right now. Creating some more healing salves and incenses and fun herbal things is keeping me very busy right now!

lori vliegen said...

fabulous message.....the muse meets warrior woman!! i love it!! congratulations on everything you have going sounds super exciting! and hey, i'm 52 and i'm with you.....why slow down now?! :))

stregata said...

I still find it amazing - when we are ready, the universe opens doors that were not previously there. Good for you!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Kona coffee is my very favorite blend. Yummy!

Joanna Jenkins said...

YAHOO FOR YOU!!!! i'm thrilled and will send more positive vibes your way. It's awesome.

As for my muse-- I think she's still locked in my car truck. I better go check on her ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I'm on my way to Ohio for the week and will be back soon.

xoxo jj