Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sometimes we all need a break...... kiddos have days like this. Cranky, tired, emotionally burned out days. With Papa gone for training..and loosing Tink..and all the walking..and changes right now. I had two very burned out kiddos. So what is a Mama to do?

Yup super Mama protection force field. We took a day each to stay home. Just Fox and I and today it is just Nonni and I. Some may argue that they should not miss school...yeah..not so much. What they needed was a day filled with extra love and attention!

Maybe making some brownies together.

A couple video games maybe. Yes..I do play a game now and again. "Little Big Planet" is way fun and I am not apposed to whacking a couple orcs!!

So sometimes all my kids need is just a little bit of Mama love to help them regroup!

Sometimes all we Mamas need is a wonderful day with them!!
Hugs all, Sarah


t. said...

You are so right! And I think that most here would agree as well, though there are those who just do not know what it means to take a day for yourself or for a loved one. They are missing out on just a special time. Enjoy!

sassypackrat said...

I used to call those days our mental health days. Everyone always felt so much better after our special days.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Missing a day or two of school never killed anyone, that's for sure! Glad your kiddos each got a special day to stay home and just chillax.

Ayala Art said...

What a cool post! I love it... yes, we moms need to help the kids, and the cat pics are just too funny!

Cinner said...

hi sarah, kids and momma times, sounds just wonderful. Hope you are well. hugs. think of you often.

yoborobo said...

A day at home like that is worth 20 at school. :) Here's to calmer waters and lots of hugs with the kiddos. xox Pam

Joanna Jenkins said...

I totally agree with you, Sarah. Mama knows best and a missed say of school for a little extra attention is exactly what's needed. Good for you for noticing.
xoxo jj

Haunted Swamp Designs said...

I think it's a good thing, taking kids out of school sometimes. Heck if they don't miss much school it won't hurt. I use to take mine out and we would go to a park on a nice day!