Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun Stuff....

A couple of years ago I bartered about 50 heirloom iris. Traded daycare for perennials..I love that!! So they have been in the ground a couple years..and some of them are just getting around to blooming for the first time this year..whooot! I looooooooove this one! Look at that stunning green and white! Beautiful! I feel like I received a gift this week!!

As we are now walking instead of driving for a few months...we get to see more stuff around the neighborhood..like chickens..lots of my neighbors have chickens! So cool. And all the gardens and critters! As we were walking home one day we spied a dollhouse in a truck bed full of junk to be taken to the dump!

Being ever the bold one...I asked the fellow in the yard if we might have it. He was more than happy to have us cart it off..as it was in fact on it's way to the dump??!!
So here we have it..this sweet dollhouse that needs a bit of love and care..maybe a bit of paint..a few shingles..some love! Yup...I am gonna have fun with this one..and so is Nonni!! I love good finds:) Oooooo and by the way..I have walked 75 miles this month and dropped 10 lbs!!! WHOOOOOOOT!

I have been trying something new this week...working on canvas. I have been wanting to try this for a bit..with permanent markers. Here was my trial piece..just for fun. I love it when Blogger turns the photos..ackkkk!!

Then off into a water bath to make sure we don't have running colors..no running at all. Next is a full bag for me..then I am thinking a few to sell. What do ya think??

Hope your week is going well all!
Hugs, Sarah


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow! That doll house is a major find! What fun it will be for you and Nonni to fix it up.

What kind of bags are you going to attach your canvas art to? Like a tote or something?

Rue said...

Love the flowering perennial. What kind?

The dollhouse is a great find. I love a good project. I just don't have time to start anymore - lol!

Sarah said...

Yes a canvas tote to start with..maybe something a little more fancy later. I have been looking into getting some fabric created too...we shall see:)

Judy said...

I like the sunflower and bee...would make a good tote...

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

75 miles!!! My hips and legs are screaming "no, no, no"!

Darling doll house!

Barbara said...

What a lovely sunflower and bee! That will look really good on a tote. Your dollhouse find is fantastic and I know you and Nonni will have so much fun together fixing it up!

Hugs XX