Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Spot of Tea Anyone...and a Confession...

Would you like a cup of tea? Please join Renee and I in her sweet Tea Room for a cuppa!! That's us...there at the middle table..gabbing away. Of course I had to give her huge gentle hugs first! Click on the picture to make it larger.

Joanna was giving out this sweet award this morning..I had to snag it...I adore her and her blog. She is wickedly funny and if you don't follow her well you are missing someone very special.

I need to confess here..I have been a bad blogger..I have lost an award..ok I lost a couple. I have spend a couple of hours scouring blogs..looking for the sweet persons who passed them along..I feel horrid..because when someone leaves me an award...it means the world to me and the thought that I have lost them...well it not only upsets me but well..I don't want anyone to think that I discounted the thought. I don't..not ever. The Fall is wickedly busy - I know no excuse..but I have been a bit overwhelmed...so if you gave me an award and I missed it or lost it - ackkkk..please let me know so I can go snag it..if it's not too late....a humbled thank you.

So I thought I might do this one..it's fun...I needed a bit of fun...I have to add ten things about myself and pass it along to ten others..

1. My brother in law David was in "Star Wars"..yup the original..he did a voice over for one of the characters (Wedge)and I have been bragging on him ever since! Truly..David, Barb's DH is one of the funniest men I know..talented and amazing! He has a new blog..whoot..yup this is a pimp..couldn't help myself. You will find him here!

2. I love the snow and the cold..I love Winter. After many years in Southern Cali and Arizona..I can't get enough of Fall and Winter. Let Fly with the snow already..that big kind..you know snowman snow!! Whoot!!

3. I am not a shopper..I get in with my list and get out. The only stores you may find me wandering around in is an arts and crafts store, fabrics, plant nursery and well..a home improvement store. I love Loewe's and Home Depot. It must have something to do with my Dad..I even like looking at all the bits and pieces of hardware. Like nuts and blots..go figure??

4. When I was in high school and again in College I was a member of a performance choir. I was in Los Angeles at the time. Each December we had on average at least one holiday performance a day, sometimes several. From nursing homes to Hollywood producers parties..we were all over the map. For several years this became my tradition..singing everywhere. This might explain the eclectic holiday music you hear on my blog...I adore them - every single one..I adore Christmas music. My very favorite.."O Holy Night" and of course Dan Fogelberg's "Same Ole Lang Syne".

5. I don't care for the Beatles..I know..well most of their songs..here is why. During one of my college Christmas seasons I shared a van with one of my fellow choir members..he was in a Beatles recreation band..they were good too! Unfortunately..he only allowed us to listen to the Beatles..solid ...for six weeks...for several hours a day. By the end of the season that year..I was so done with the Beatles.

6. I love leg warmers and fingerless gloves..I just do..

7. I am very fond of Ovaltine.

8. I prefer white chocolate to regular chocolate...even though it isn't really chocolate. I love it anyway.

9. I am drawn to the Sea..well any water really..I adore water critters and the sound of water falling as rain, waves breaking, or running water of any kind..sooths my soul.

10. I adore a good sports movie..any kind really.love them all. Must have something to do with being a teeny bit competitive...yeah I am a bit.

So if you would like to snag this sweet little award..please do and pass it on.
Have a great Tuesday, Sarah


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I adore Christmas music too, Sarah. I could listen to it 12 months a year. But after reading your Beatles story, perhaps that wouldn't be wise . . . .

cinner said...

Sarah, glad to learn 10 things about you, always glad to learn more. have a fabulous day. here is to xmas music. When I worked in retail you heard it over and over again. now that I am at home I like to listen to it again. Take care.love your drawing by the way. It is fabulous.

Emmy said...

Have you seen Blind Side yet? It is kind of a sports movie, it looks so good. I haven't seen it yet but have heard good things.

I am not much of a shopper either.. but the stores you named, yep you could find me browsing there too.. there and Walgreens in the school supply isle.. something about pens and pencils and sticky notes.. ahhh

Sarah said...

LOL Emmy...yeah..the office supply store...I forgot that one....looove it there!!

Dede said...

Oh I love Home Depot and Lowe's! They are my favorite stores, they smell wonderful. Love the fabric stores too.