Monday, December 21, 2009

For Renee....

As the year closes I would like to say a special thank you to someone here on the blogs. Many of you know Renee as she touches so very many lives. I stumbled upon Renee's blog Circling My Head quite by accident one day many months ago. I was so taken by her honesty and spirit, I ended up going back and reading previous posts for a couple of hours. I cried, I laughed I was deeply touched by her. So I left a comment..she left one back. We emailed and chatted, I sent Reiki...she sent me a lifeline. Somehow I think I got the better of the deal.

You see in my almost year of blogging Renee had offered me something amazing, beautiful and rare in my life..she offered me wings. She told me truth when I needed to hear it and sent me encouragement at just the right time. She helped me see who I could be if I was just brave enough. So...I was brave and Let Fly with the words and the art and photography. She was right of course..there was a new person under those ducky feathers..there was a swan. I never knew she was there with those big beautiful silky wings..but Renee knew. This is where the my award came from..her words to me..

"Sarah, you have gone from Mental Duck to Mental Swan!"

What was even more amazing to me... when I found them she made it OK for me to flap around with them and learn to use them and most be proud of them. Renee has taught me to love & value myself. That has made me strong and brave and has gently led me to my True North..myself. Thank you hon so very much!

Right now my dear Renee is fighting a new battle with her cancer. She is uncomfortable and it is my turn to support her up a bit. It is my place to be the strong one for her. She taught me to fly with these big wings...I wanted her to know that they are gently wrapped around her in love. I wanted you to know how very dear to me she is and what amazing things she has done in my life. I wanted to say...
That I am blessed to know her and call her friend.

Renee, this Mental Swan loves you. Big Gentle Swan hugs! Feel better hon and know I am here for you!

If you have a moment today to go give her some love...I would be so very grateful. Thank you!
Namaste and love, Sarah


Renee said...

Sarah, seriously, that is so beautiful and thank you so much.

But you were all that already. You were everything long before me.

Thank you for this beautiful tribute sweet Sarah, it has totally touched my heart and I am forever grateful.

You are beautiful. I love Renee's tea house.

You are a mental swan and now that you believe in yourself there is no stopping you.

Also darling please remember to never judge yourself or your family by net worth. Your self worth can never be measured by that.

I love you.

Renee xoxoxo

Angela Recada said...

This is such a beautiful and loving post. It brought tears to my eyes, just like Renee's posts often do.

There is no one else like our dear Renee, is there?

I wish you and your loved ones all the very best this holiday season and for the new year.

Sarah said...

Love you Renee..I do!
Thank you Angela..she is truly one of a kind!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Renee's the tops, no doubt about that! A fitting tribute, Sarah!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Sarah - your love for Renee is palpable in this post. I, too, am keeping special thoughts for her right now.

Have a warm, family holiday - filled with love and joy dear Sarah.

TechnoBabe said...

Isn't it wonderful that blogging can be part of spreading love and not just news or funny stuff? This is a sweet post. Renee is receiving lots of blessings because your words are circling the universe.

yoborobo said...

Sarah - Every word is true, yours and Renee's. You are both swans of the first order, and I have been blessed to meet both of you this year. I will join you in spreading my wings protectively around our dearest Renee (although mine might still be duck wings :). There are many people here who have met and grown to love her like we do. So many wings. :) xoxoxox Pam

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

I don't know Renee Sarah but feel I do through your words....sending my love xx

Diva Kreszl said...

I too have been touched by Renee's blog and visit her daily. I shall continue to send prayers and well wishes her way. She is indeed one very special woman and we are all blessed for sharing her posts!

Ces said...

Sarah, I am finally able to come and visit without getting kicked out. I love your blog banner. Yes, Renee's blog is like the cozy Tea Room. beautiful illustration and loving words for our dearest Renee. Merry Christmas to you and your family Sarah!

Brenda LaBell said...

Sarah, what a beautiful post. How grand it is that you and Renee lift one another. You each seem to know what each other needs and when each other need it. What a great friendship you both have in one another.


Sarah Lulu said...

How wonderous and beautiful. xxx

Silver said...

Thank you for such a loving post for Renee. She is one truly incredible woman! She offered us her love and support so selflessly. May we continue to embrace her in prayers of healing for this one very special lady!!


Renee said...

Kisses xxxxx

Laura Hegfield said...

spread those grand wings when you choose to take flight and fold them around yourself and those who are dear, holding love close to your heart.

bright blessings,

Karen D said...

Sarah what a beautiful post for your friend. I send you and Renee wishes for joy and love and healing wishes for all. ( I will dedicate some Reiki self treatments to Renee)
Love and Hugs

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, Sarah. These words, your story, and your beautiful drawing of Renee's Tea House. They are all incredibly touching. Renee is a beautiful and most valuable treasure. We definitely are blessed to know her. And you as well.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.


Sara @Soulspackle said...

What a touching story.. it is always a miracle when special people come into our lives.

Daria said...

I follow Renee's blog and agree ... she is an amazing woman and has touched so many.