Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remnants of our Valentine's Party!!

I do so love preschool parties!!! The kiddos come in with bright shiny faces - waiting for the fun to come!!! I only have a couple of kiddos on Friday's (which is nice BTW) so we did it today when most everyone was here!!

We do the classic exchange of valentines- which they all loooove!! Me too!!! Today we made cookies as a group - always a messy, sweet affair(lots of tasting going on - no eggs)...... chocolate chip/M&M cookies....mmmmmmm! Once cooled they are smeared with frosting - as are most of the kiddos by the time they are done. We break out the baby wipes - which causes squirmy bottoms as faces are washed off. Then it's on to our art project - I adore foamies that stick!!! Stories read and cups of milk emptied - it's off to play in stations (toys, computer, listening & reading center, art center, puzzles and manipulative's). So here are a few pics - they though it was silly of me to take pictures of their backs - but I don't post pics of them on line. They stood like statues so we could share our projects, cookies & bags with you!!

There was some serious giggling going on in between snaps!!

So.... Happy Valentine's everyone - from the Cottage Garden Preschool!!!


Renee said...

The party looks fabulous. I am so jealous you have all those little kids there. Lucky duck.

I have always wanted to be someone's Muse so instead of crediting me, just say I was your inspiration. ha ha.

Love Renee

Creepy_Creations said...

How fun! Sounds like you had a great time! Thank you for sharing! My daughter is having her 1st grade party tomorrow. She is all excited!

Tammie Lee said...

Oh this celebration looks like wonderful fun.

I have just given you an award on my latest post. I want to share you with the folks in my life..... Thank you for who you are.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that looks like the BEST day! I can't tell from your blog who had the better time - you or the kiddos! It looks like an absolutely wonderful day. And what a thoughtful woman you are to have the children stand with their backs to the camera. I am not sure I would have thought to do that.
Did the cookies taste as good as they look?

Tammie Lee said...

Hello again,

I can not find your email to contact you directly. Can you give me your ebay link, when you wrote: I'm.. greenwitchsbs there! I tried that and got no result.


TuTu's Bliss said...

Very cute pics! Hugs, Jen

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I just love the classic children's Valentine's parties! You can just see what fun the children are having from your wonderful photos. Just great!

Renee said...

And you make me think. You are deeper than me.

Love Renee

Happy Valentines xoxoxo

Renee said...

Sarah: Please do not let the candle burn at both ends. You need to take it easy. I hope you don't come down with what the kids had last weekend.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Sending you energizing energy.

Renee said...

Sarah how fun to have a car directly at your disposal. Make sure to take a JOY ride.

Today is one of my nieces wedding. I don't even know if I have ever danced with Wahid on valentines before, but I will tonight. Hopefully have enough drinks to be out of pain too. xoxoxo

Love Renee

Renee said...

Thanks for the love and I laughed at the card.



Micki said...

OOh yummy cookies!!

You have won third prize (purple velvet earrings) over on my blog draw can you email me your address so that I can post them to you please?


Micki x

Sherry Byrum said...

That looks like so much fun! I would love to teach children art!

Misty's Creations said...

Love your answer about the dragon on your profile! Thanks for visiting my blog! By the way, I stole your fish, they are very calming.

mermaid said...

Thank you for showing them how to love and celebrate love.

Renee said...

Morning Sarah:

The wedding was wonderful and had a great time.

She had pink cakes on every table with a black satin ribbon around the bottom of each one. Very pretty.

How were the wheels?

Love Renee