Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Look in My Sketch Book.

One of the things I love about everyone's blogs is the chance to look into their creative world. Seeing someone's work place/studio/kitchen table fascinates me!! I love seeing Wips(works in process) - see what people work on first and last in a piece.

I have also noticed a few folks have opened their sketch books for a look inside. I think a sketch book is like a microscope into the creative process. In mine, many I do never get beyond that first sketch - some sit for months before I rediscover them! Some inspire me to go right to the colored pencils. The one thing I really hate is - when it comes out so charming on the sketch page - but I can't recreate it on my good paper. So - I'm gonna be brave and open my sketch book for you. If you double click on the image you can see a larger clearer view. Here are a couple I have been toying with this month.....


Kathleen Coy said...

Very nice, thank you for sharing these Sarah!

I know what you mean, about sketches sitting for long periods of time before you rediscover them. It took a little bravery for me to post some of my sketches too.

I love these, I really hope you do more with the last two!!! The creature in the last one is wonderful! :-)

backattheranch said...

Great! I'm going to take a picture of my kitchen table for you!! :)

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Loved seeing your sketches! I rarely sketch anymore due to time constraints. I go from drawing right to painting these days. Miss the days when I had the time to explore what is in my mind's eye.

Audrey said...

Sarah these are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. It seems to me a sketch book is a very private, personal glimpse into the artist thoughts, dreams, reality. You are most generous to share these with us Thank you!

And yes, I do want you to swing by on the way to visit Renee. I am thinking Thelma and Louise!

Renee said...

Now Sarah you know I love the fantastical and that is what made me comment on your blog in the first place.

I especially love the last one.

Have you ever thought of doing a child's book(maybe around 7 to 9) and writing your little story, as you know I love how you write too.

How are you today.

Love Renee

Renee said...

Forget me Sarah, how are you? I am sending positive energy to you.

Love Renee

Renee said...

Sarah I am killing myself laughing. Because I meant it as in 'Forget me -- meaning don't worry about me, what about you.' And you comment on my blog I wouldn't forget you. Anyway I think it is funny, one of those whose on first.

Okay, I'm officially blahblahblahing on.


Heather said...

Sarah, the second one, what are you going to do with it? Have you done more with it? I really really like it!