Monday, February 2, 2009

I Was Given an Award!!

I have been given my first blog award!!! From Gail @ I adore her art - her horses and ravens are amazing! She is more importantly (to me), someone I look to for good advise & consider a treasured friend!!! She has a soft and gentle spirit that is a constant example to all those who know her. Thank you hon - I'm honored!!! So I need to offer up seven things that I love. Sarah

1. My husband Jim, my children & my sisters. My dear friends here and online. I have met soooo many wonderful folks online!!!

2. Music – I adore a good sweeping soundtrack. I think we should all have a soundtrack to our lives!!! James Horner’s soundtracks seem to strir me deeply (Braveheart, Man without a Face)!! Listening stirs my imagination!! I love anything I can harmonize with. I enjoy most anything that isn’t rap.

3. Fall…Autumn.. Halloween!!! My very favorite time of the year!! I adore the color, the snap in the air, sweaters, school starting, harvest- I love it all!! I’m a Halloween artist & adore the holiday!! We celebrate big in our family!!

4. I love to walk and dance. Walking is my meditation, when I’m stressed or bent walking will bring me back to center. I would rather walk than any other kind of exercise. Although we don’t have a car, the walking is not a burden – I love it! I recently took up belly dancing… I trained as a dancer for 14 years – when I was younger. I had forgotten how very much I loved to dance. I love the belly dancing – Jim doesn’t mind so much either – lol!

5. I love that feeling you get when you reach a point in a piece you are working on, that you know it’s going to honor the vision you had in your head!! Or when a piece you have created gives someone else joy!! I also love looking at what others create – wips are wonderful – to see how others process works!!!

6. I love words, word puzzles, word play, Latin and Greek roots, “Free” wonderful word game that donates rice for all the ones you get right. I adore Shakespeare. I know...I am a geek- lol. I’m ok with that!!

7. Nature – the mountains and the ocean, well water of any kind. The changes of the seasons, watching wild animals and birds, plants growing. Wild crafting and identifying wild plants is a joy to me. I adore the ocean – it calls to me often and loudly. We are a ways from the sea – but have a huge lake only blocks away – it works for me.

So I would like to pass along the joy... here are a few of my favorite art blogs - so many to choose from....
Karmen @ - I adore her art and consider her a friend and mentor!! She is a joy & a blessing to me!!

Renee @ - Although she is not an artist in the painting sense - she is a writer that can paint emotion in amazing ways! I adore her and wait daily to see what she will post next! I love her Southwest jewelry - am a cowgirl art heart.

Karen @ I have just found her - but her art and illustrations are amazing - a joy to the eye!

Sherry and Ron @ . I am blessed to know Sherry! She is beyond dear to me!! She has encouraged me and kept me spirits up!!

Josie @! Her work always amazes!! She tickles me with her creations - check out her latest kit - giggle!!

Heather @ Another friend who has encouraged me in my artsy walk! She is sweet and always there when you need her!! I adore her & her Halloween art!


Renee said...

Sarah that was a lovely thing to say about me. xoxoxo

I love how you talked about my writing.

Love Renee

Witch Hollow Primitives said...

Sarah, you are an old soul and one that I am very honored to have in my life! Your kindness and sweet spirit always makes me smile. You have an amazing light that shines from within, not just showing in your art but also in your caring for others.

Thank you so much!

Kathleen Coy said...

What a wonderful list, Sarah! I so enjoy your blog! :-)

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Sarah! Congrats on your first blog award! You deserve it! I enjoyed reading all you had to share. Music really inspires me too! I love listening to soundtracks. Have a wonderful week!

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)

CoffeyHouse Collection said...

Congrats! I did see your painting somewhere, I don't remember where though! Do you have an Etsy shop?

CoffeyHouse Collection said...

Well...dumb question...haha! I closed this and saw the link to your Etsy shop, that must be where I saw it.

Renee said...

Sarah remember that vulnerable people get to see the mysteries.

You are a healer too, please work on my lower back, shoulders and arms. ha ha. I don't ask for much do I?

Love Renee

Ginaagain said...