Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Plans...

I know two post in one week!! Whoot! I miss blogging! Am so happy to be done with the semester and moving on to new stuff!! Whoo hoo!
So summer plans...
I have not had time for my camera...I have missed it and my Muse is not happy with me! So lotsa photography this summer! Lots of new macro shots and happy kiddos!

This made me smile..cause I am a serious geek girl! My name in Krytonian! What movie am I looking forward too this summer? Man of Steel!!! Can hardly wait for this one!!

Crafty project...a delightful terrarium please! My wonderful sisters sent me an arrangement of stunning flowers for my graduation..yup..sobbed like crazy! I was so touched! So I have been looking for bitsy things to create a little world in a jar!!
What am I itching to do?? I can hardly wait! Open water swimming! Last summer, quite by accident..I discovered open water swimming. Who knew this was a sport!!!?? Last summer I dropped 25 lbs and ready for the next 20 lbs to be gone! I am by nature a bit competitive..I know..but it is true..I am. I have missed competing. Not that I am fast or amazing at it. But I LOVE it! I hope that this year I will pick up the pace a bit..go a little farther each day. Seriously found this good for my soul! Now....the lake just has to warm up!!!

Knit socks....I WILL learn to knit socks this summer! Before the cold season is upon us again..I will have mastered this one. Driven girl...just sayin' ;)

Of course I will be doing more of this..always am doing this. Calms my soul and feeds my spirit. your turn...what is on your plate for summer?? I would love to hear:)
Namaste all!


Gunilla B├Ąck said...

I want to enjoy myself. Lots of photographing and maybe some jewelry making. Have a great summer Sarah!

holdingmoments said...

Sounds like you've got a busy time.
I love that first picture; and the trailer for Man of Steel looks awesome.