Saturday, June 8, 2013

Didn't Think I Would Get Here...ahhh Summer!

Ahhhh Summer! It has been a VERY long year! The last two semesters have been rough. I think my brain still hurts! But I did it..and I am proud! I don't think my head is out of the daily grind of classwork though..that may take a few more weeks!
WHOOT to summer!!
But over all it has been a really wonderful year.. despite working my tail off LOL!
What new you ask?
Well...I have a book cover on Amazon..which I am STILL Happy Dancing about! It graces the cover of W.H. Carr's wonderful new romance novel! Fun summer e-book for your tablet! You can find it here!!!
I will be doing a couple fun trainings this summer...this one is first up on the block! A fun 4 hour intro to child development. Coffee and muffins..of course! :)  

Remember this piece? About a year back Warner Brothers purchased this one and two other for set decoration. The sitcom kinda fell off the radar for a little bit. But..I am really excited to share that it is on the ABC fall line up! Which art may be seen on national TV:) So kinda stoked about this one!
What show you ask?? Super Fun Night with Rebel Wilson!
Happy dance..who me?? Uhmmm YES!

But for now I am gonna play with my long neglected camera and create some art that I would like to see..cause my Muse is suffering from a serious caffeine high!
Happy June all!!


sassypackrat said...

Congrats to everything and enjoy your summer!

Holly said...

I had not heard about the book cover! I said, "YAY!" out loud when I read that bit and startled Fiona! I love you.

Sarah S. said...

LOL Holly:) Thank you both! Am kinda excited about it all! Hugs to you both!