Thursday, October 25, 2012

Staging Halloween...

Maybe because I am a teacher..or maybe I was suppose to be a decorator..or set designer LOL..I love, love, love doing this for each holiday. Staging! Pulling all the fun little treats I have collected and putting them together in places around the house! So much fun. This year the main staging area is my yarn cabinet. I love is in the main room and perfect for adding fun too!
Some of my fun little treats I have the Scottie dog or the potion bottles. Some of them I have collected at thrift shops like the little owls.

But the ones I love the best are the ones from other artists and gifts from folks:) That delightful broom in the last picture and the cute witchy and cat from this one..see her sitting on top? Those little signs..yup:) So each year about now the kids get excited to see what I am gonna do with all of our collection! Christmas you I do this for Christmas?? You betcha:)
Oh and the yarn one of my favorite things too...all that soft, delightful yarn in full view...yuppers..happy girl!!
So why inside the cabinet this year..last year it was all over the table and everywhere else LOL?!

This fellow...sweet that nose!

and.....this new little fellow..Gnocchi.  Love that little nose too! Who would have a field day with all the fluffy, wispy, feathery, rolly fun on the table top. So this year they are up in the yarn cabinet..and I am OK with that! What do ya think??
Happy Thursday all!


Queenie Believe said...

Ahhhh what we go through for our beloved fur babes.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Debra She Who Seeks said...

William . . . still as cute as ever! And welcome Gnocchi, you little bite-sized dumpling!

Holly said...

First, Gnocchi?! Best name ever. Next, you have a Scottie dog in your cabinet, and you know that's MINE! Really Sarah, how could you taunt me with it?! Next, I love finding wee surprises in spaces for the holidays...Blessings of Samhain on you, Dear One. May this new year to come show you a path clearly illuminated and brightly marked. So mote it be.