Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Musing...and Regrouping...

It has been a rough season really. To be honest that is half the reason I have been missing in action here on my blog. Yup was a busy summer..and I loved the lake and being with just my kids for a change. But here I am in October and having to rethink things..again. Unemployment checks for Jim ended early..and threw us for a loop. To say the least..we are scrambling.
So what am I really writing about not so much. Have I been feeling all those things? Yuppers..right back in that financial pit! I grumbled..cussed..was cranky and sulky...
Uhmmm...yup..that! If course you all know my Muse..always having to get the last word in..
"Ehemmm....HELLO! Are you listening Sarah??"
Trying to ignore being grumpy girl..pity pool..geesh.
" Time to wade on out and get a time for all this foolishness..get over yourself!"
"Has it occurred to you that maybe..just maybe there is some wonderful new experience waiting for you? That perhaps this is an opportunity waiting to be offered?"
But..but...but..I have it all planned out..what is suppose to happen..all planned out!!!
"LOL Sarah..are you serious?? Planned out huh? So let me ask you..did you not ask for certain things to be brought into your life?? Put it out there right?"
"Well has it occurred to you that you are getting an answer?"
"Then let that sink in and get back to me!" this is where I am Muse has made herself known..and I am thinking on this notion. That I put out there what I wanted..and that this could be an positive thing..not a negative one..that I need to go with the flow..and it.. be present and positive!
Being present sometimes feels like a skittish horse to me..shys away so easily and just out of reach. I need a bucket of oats I think!
Hope your Wednesday is a good one!
Namaste all!


Holly said...

Have you ever noticed that no one ever busts on the Buddha because he has man-boobies? Just an observation.

Umm, do not let this momentary setback cause you to let go of what you know to be true, right, just, and correct for You! Hear me?!

sassypackrat said...

Here's hoping something good comes of it all!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sending best wishes your way! And may the Gods of Travail help Jim find a great new job.

Alisa Steady said...

You are amazing. I love this post - thank you for sharing. I have been where you are when life throws up (literally and figuratively) an obstacle. It's so easy to get pissy about it, but - always there are positives, and you have the ability to see it. So, kudos to you! So glad you shared!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Listen to Holly...

Joanna Jenkins said...

I was going to say "Listen to Holly" but Gail beat me to it :-)

Last summer I bought a tee shirt that says "Be Present"-- it's a good reminder and one I need reminded of often.

Hang in there my friend. I'm sending good vibes and hugs your way and hoping for easier days ahead.

xoxoxo jj