Monday, October 22, 2012

Love This Book..

A week or so back Jeremy Robinson posted on his FB page that he was offering a audio download of his latest book to five folks! Uhmmmmm...YES PLEASE! I was one of the lucky ones. Thank you Jeremy!
Of course this meant that I disappeared into my studio for a full weekend of art, kick butt action and some really cool monsters! My children ate pizza and my husband played video games. I, on the other hand got a huge amount of artwork done. Homework..not so much. But soooo much fun!
A couple years ago my husband passed one of Jeremy's books on to me. I thought..OK..another one of those action filled team books. Which I like I do..a good action thrilled always makes my week. But I had been handed several of these by him..and it was always the same..amazing team of folks..stereotypes..static..never changing.  After the second or third book I was bored beyond belief or totally annoyed that the female characters were either shrinking pansies or more male than female. But I read the first one and the second one..and WOW!!! Not only can this man write..he writes amazing female characters! Strong, smart and capable! WHOOOT! There is nothing I like better than a well written character! Full of flaws and ever learning! There is nothing static about Jeremy's characters! With each new challenge they grow and morph! I love that!
Uhmmm...oh yeah..action/thriller novel...yuppers!! The Chess team tend to deal with the odd job. Mythical monsters and alien saving stuff. Somehow Jeremy manages to create scenarios that just well...ROCK! The man has some serious imagination! Something I have a great deal of appreciation for..but then you knew I would!
The story.. I will not give away..but it has to do with Norse myth and monsters, different dimensions, a kick butt team, some dark experiments and saving the world in Chess Team fashion. Oh and I am still wiping virtual white goo off myself..with shivers! Thank you Jeremy for the chance to enjoy this wonderful read!!
You can find the audio version on Amazon... and later this week it will be available in hardback!
Oh and Jeremy....Happy Birthday!!!


Judy said...

Upon your recommendation, I'll have to check these out...Thanks

Holly said...

I think you really liked this book!