Saturday, July 23, 2011


Yup I am a winner....Thank you Joanna...I love was so much fun..what a wonderful treat! Joanna and Universal gave me a wonderful treat..well me and my kiddos! Along with a wonderful t-shirt came a fun little book with sticky labels and a wonderful pen..just right for me starting school...just like Larry Crowne..yup am oldie and returning to school. Hope they are ready for me LOL! The other part of the treat was a gift card to Fandango..were you can buy movie tickets....OMG we were so excited!

You see...being low on funds..yup poor..means that things like going to the movie theater at $10.00 a head is not on the plate. We love Netflix..but there is nothing like the theater experience..nothing! I have missed going..dearly missed going. Nonni had never been..ever..not once..and Fox only twice!! So between a gift card he received as an honor student (So proud of him!!!) and the card Joanna sent..we were good to the see the final Harry Potter movie.

To say it was wonderful...understatement. Did we enjoy it..OMG. Was Nonni blown away...lets just say she was doing major happy dancing all the way home!! Thank you Joanna...thank you so very much!! It was ROCK!!

Oh and the kitten..doing wonderfully!!!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy for you and the kids!

yoborobo said...

That's fabulous, Sarah! I LOVED HP! I wish I could go see it again. :) What a lovely gift to you guys! xox Pam

Cinner said...

So happy for you and the kids. you are right nothing like going to the theatre. You are going back to school, that is awesome, what will you be taking. hugs dear friend.