Friday, July 22, 2011

WARNING....A Rant.....

I am gonna rant..cause frankly I am a bit annoyed! This summer our city government is adding wonderful yellow nonslip grates to the corners. This is cool..cause it makes walking in the winter easier. No issue with this. They are tearing up sidewalks everywhere..and replacing them..loud, noisy work..but still ok with that really.

Nor do I have an issue with the fact that these guys are working hard..we appreciate that! But let me ask you is are everywhere..what do you think they are going to do when they see all this wet cement? You got it..write their name..make a hand print..walk their dog through it. Of course they are.
It seems that one of the crews..not necessarily those above..thus faces hidden..decided they had had enough. So yesterday..a friend of Fox's and his brother were biking. Let me say up front..these are really good kids! I know them well. They stopped and added their name to the cement. They got caught...the police were called and they are being charged..they have to go to court. WOW really! Seriously being taken home by the cops was not enough???!!!! They have to go to court for this.....

Wow! I understand the workers frustration...and that the kids shouldn't have done it..but charges and court dates..lawyers etc! REALLY! Talk about overkill.

What is this teaching our kids...not to write on sidewalks or deface things for sure, this is good! But how about..the next time someone offends second chances..lenience or calm...blast away with all ya got..cause you are bent. Don't stop to consider the offending person. That you cannot expect adults to be reasonable or police to be gentle with a kid who has never been in a lick of trouble..ever. I am not saying that I condone the behavior..I told my own kids in strict writing on the fresh cement..they guys were working hard..don't mess it up! I would have expected more balance from a bunch of adults!

Hmmmmmm...I would seriously like to give that crew a piece of my mind. Cause I am thinking a good talking to by a police officer would have totally done the trick here. What do you think??
K am breathing..thank you for listening, Sarah


TheRustyThimble said...

OH my word!! I agree the cops taking them home should of been enough??

Anonymous said...

Ranting right here with you Sarah!
Absolutely freakin ridiculous!!
We try sooooooo hard to get our kids to grow up a little like we did back in the days before video games, facebook, etc. We pray that they can get on their bikes and GO OUTSIDE and play like real kids. So they do and end up in this much sh*t??? How freakin absurd. For something that ALL of us have done in our childhood. I'm sure my doodles and initials are all over many freshly poured sidewalks of the 1970's - it's what kids do!!!
I am also quite sure that writing in wet sidewalk concrete has never led to any fatalities.
This pisses me right off. Go after the brats who are vandalizing cemetaries on the hot summer nights, the kids who are getting high and smashing beer bottles in the parks...or dealing drugs right out in the open.

Amanda Makepeace said...

I am shocked. WTH? I agree with you 100% Sarah. A good talk to by the cops and taking them to home to their parents would have been enough. What a waste of the tax payers money to have this go to court.

Maggie said...

When I worked for the public works dept. and the kids got caught doing this, the director talked to the parents and the kids worked it off with the parks dept. (But, this was much worse than writing their names. This was some fairly serious damage to the cement.)

The Strawberry Mallard said...

For the love of....are you kidding me...REALLY Sarah??? I thought all the morons were in NJ.guess I was wrong. How unbelieveably STUPID.think back to when we were kids.for God's sake, is there no common sense ANYWHERE?//

Idiots...Morons.don;t get me started, I am so mad that I would like to send Becky and Gus there to add there paw prints.court time...stupid stupid stupid!!!
Please let us know how this transpires..making me mad enough to spit nails here!
Sending hugs to you angel,
NEBS and her angry scotties

Judy said...

I thought that was what wet concrete is for...adding your name for all eternity...

Dede said...

Your little city must have extra cash to spend on silly things like this. And the police must have nothing else to do, how nice that must be for them. And they wonder why the kids today are so angry. I truly wonder what people are thinking when things like this happen and then I realize they aren't. How sad for all involved in this. Keep us posted please.