Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are Ya Feeling Stuck?...Let Fly Giveaway...

Sometimes life gets in the way of our living a full life. Our story defines us instead of us defining our story. This course will help you step out of your story and back into your life. To the life you want to be living!

Let Fly ~ E-Course is designed to help you find the magic in your story and let you step away from what is keeping you stuck. Fear, pain and trauma often shut us down and make it hard to step out of the story and into what we really want for ourselves. Our perspective and experience often keeps us from living to our full potential, finding our bliss and taking advantage of our gifts.

Please come join us as we unearth the keys to our story and find the treasure they offer us!! Come rediscover beautiful you!

Our Fall Let Fly E-course starts next Monday! If you would like to have One chance to join our group..on me..cause I love ya...leave me a comment today or tomorrow (9/16 8:00am to 9:00am 9/17). Tell me why you would like to join us!! Namaste all!!
Hugs, Sarah


Wandering Willow said...

I would love a chance to join the e-course! I am at a point in my life where I am switching directions and I am tired of taking 3 steps forward and then 10 backwards *sigh* I want to live and let go finally and move on and let magic infuse its way into my life so I can focus on being me and happy about it! I am a mother of 3 young girls and I need to show them, and my husband I am ok and I am whole :)

Wandering Willow said...

Oh and hi and nice to meet you! :) Thanks for the advice about my daughther I am definately going to look into those things and try the tea and pillow!

Wandering Willow said...
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Cinner said...

Sarah, I would love a chance to take the class, I think because of life changes and exciting with limitations, I would like to let Fly and see where the journey would take me....however I am flat on my back, and not able to be on here for more than a few minutes at a time, hopefully I am feeling better in a few days. hugs to you.

Jennifer said...

Oh, Sarah...I have been wanting to take your course for a while now. I hope I am to. Get back to me and let me know :)

Jennifer said...

I meant to write I hope I am able to. Geez....I need your course :)

Christine said...

You know, just phrasing it that way, you have made me go along way towards my "Let Fly". I don't know what it was, but it worked. I would love a place in your workshop to go even further. But if not, I'll be on the list for one of the next classses!!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh wow! Gee, I definitely need a shove out of the nest to make me fly. I think I'm stuck in the "safe spot" and would benefit from taking a few risks and expand.

Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah!

Amalia K said...

Hello Sarah! Just dropping by to thank you for that kind comment you left me... I enjoyed reading your posts and the little house you made really caught my eyes!

Cheers :)

Carolina Mountains said...

Thanks for visiting me - love your blog. Will be back to see wha tyou are up to.

Holly said...

I am stopping by to say I have had you on my mind a great deal and feel a disturbance in the force. I'm traveling for work, but I need to remind you that I'm here.

Anonymous said...

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