Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quilting Bee #41

Hello all!! Thank you all for the week off..I was a bit overwhelmed with things to be done for the One World One Heart Giveaway. I love this event every year. Getting to stretch my blogging world a bit and meet some new folks and visit very much fun!

So what is on the menu this week..well..I was thinking some I am posting this on Sunday evening for most of you. I thought a soup and bread bar might be nice for a change of pace! So I have been working in the kitchen all day creating some delicious soups and breads for you..can you smell the bread. Oh I think on a cold day there is nothing better than the smell of baking bread...yummmmm. There is honey wheat, potato rolls and some garlic herb artisan breads. I have also made some deliciously aromatic soups for you all. Chicken with wild rice, Cheddar Potato with bacon, New England Clam chowder, Mexican Wedding soup, French Onion, and a wonderful vegetable with noodles! So grab a bowl and dig in! I have racked a quilt full of joy this week. So please pull up a chair and join me.

As some of you know I am taking Susannah Conway's online class "Unravelling". I have found myself unravelling at the seams this week. The subject matter has involved discussing and working with photos of ourselves from the past. I will have to say the pictures of most of my childhood were fun and enjoyable. But when I got to my late teens and early twenties..I started finding that Kleenex was in short supply. Frankly I was a weepy mess. It has taken me days of wandering through old pictures and memories to pin down why.

I guess when I became an unwed mom at young life ended. I had to grow up and be a good mom...I did that..I grew up with a least the not having fun part it would seem. I went to work, sold my horse, quit singing, quit acting, quit everything that had been laid out before me. My choice of course and no regrets that I made it..but I lost something very important of myself during those years...I lost my child..I lost the silly, joyful, goofy magical child in my soul.

So many of you have spied her and have told me you have seen her in my artwork and photography. She pops out now and again when I teach kiddos. That is all allowed in the adult world. Preschool teachers can be goofy.. interesting I chose to teach, no? When the music is turned up and I allow myself to sing...whoot there she is just waiting to jump in. That deep down know the kind that starts in your chest and grows until you feel like you couldn't stop smiling if you tried.. Yup that part of me. The one who loves to sing and dance with her children, can speak in a dozen accents, belly dancing, dressing up & acts silly in public girl. Yeah her..I have missed her..but I think that just maybe I have found her again...that fun, goofy girl. Now that I have found her, I think she has already gotten together with my muse...oh boy..a little scary..but oh what fun this ride will be!!

So what is my point today? As adults..unless we are very some point we lock away that part of ourselves..that child that creates all the magic in our lives. We get wrapped up in our daily grind and forget that we were once Peter Pan too. That it is that child that makes our daily walk vivid and enchanting... makes it magical! Do I believe in magic? You bet I do. The kind of magic that lightens souls and brightens hearts. That kind of magic that children do not is just part of them. That rainbows just are, that if you look close enough you might just see a fairy, that a song can change a mood, that a walk in nature can change a day. That staring up at the clouds can calm a soul, that blowing bubbles can bring a smile or that wiggling your toes in the mud can make you laugh out loud...magic! It is in there! Have you lost it or locked it away like I did. If so..are you brave enough to let her out to play today? Are you willing to let a bit of magic come back into your life?

So what I am asking you to do ..don't worry it won't take long or cost much..maybe nothing at all. I want you to take a little time this week and think about what makes your heart sing..what makes glee bubble up from deep down inside until it comes tumbling joyfully our of your lips. Do you have some bubbles you can blow..inside is ok..really it is! How about finger paints..oooo wicked messy fun? Maybe that wonderful music that makes you want to dance and twirl. Maybe you need to bundle up and go out and built that snowman or ice long has it been since you have been on skates? I want you to take a little bit of time this week and find a few little things that make the child in you you will remember the feel of magic in your soul.

"Your Life is an occasion...rise to it!" Mr. Magorium

So I am going to try to rise to it myself this week..will you join me?

Right now I am going to have a bowl of potato soup and some honey wheat bread to dip in it. Ohh and some hot tea please too!! Sigh..thank you for joining me again! I am blessed with magic every time you come by! Hugs and Namaste, Sarah


TechnoBabe said...

I made homemade pizza for hubby today and he loved it. I like your post and your challenge to think about the things that make our hearts sing. I used to do water colors and press wild flowers and make arrangements inside frames. I think I will go online and find a good set of water colors and have some fun with it again. Thank you for your sharing and caring heart.

cinner said...

Sarah, I needed to hear this today, I need to feel the magic. I will join you this week. I know life is an occasion...just sometimes I don't feel like I am present...Oh lordy, heres to figuring it all out. Big hug my friend. The soup sounds awesome!

Barbara said...

Barbara's To Do List:

1. Find one thing.(Besides family.)
2. Write it down.
3. Do it.
4. Say,"Thank you, Sarah," for reminding me.

Suzie said...

Mmmmmm, potato soup sounds perfect right now!

Once again Sarah, you seem to have tapped into my wave length. I just told my Hubs today, that once my Mom moves in with us, that my inner child is going to go into hiding, at least when I'm around her. He is the only one who has seen my true inner, silly self. I always knew that she was lurking, waiting to spring forth when no one was looking, but around anyone else, even those in my family, she is VERY shy.

Perhaps she didn't want to hear the admonishments about growing up, and to act her age, when indeed, that was exactly what she was doing!

I love it when my kids get together, and start teasing and joking. They are completely themselves, and have to qualms about letting their inner child come out to play, and it warms my heart. But they too have received the same scoldings from my Mom. The poor woman considers it irresponsible to not "act like an adult" at all times.

But mine will find a way. .she was closeted for too many years to be shoved into the dark again!

Now. .could I pulleeeeezzze have some of that delicious soup? You truly don't know how good that sounds right now! lol

Big hugs,

Sonia ;) said...

Smiles ...I have been finding my Peter and Wendy for the last couple weeks...To imagine, let loose, be free....SEe the world through Mins glasses.

xoxoxoxoxxoxoxo Your doing great girl

Anonymous said...

When we become parents we do tend to lose ourselves. We lock away who we were for who we think we should become. But, I think both can co-exist very beautifully if we allow it. I had to learn this the very hard way, but grateful I am awakening to it.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Great post Sarah! I gladly accept your challenge.

I'm lucky, spending so much time with my godson helps me keep in touch with my inner child. But I'll make an extra point of it this week.

Thanks for the inspiration.


Caroline said...

Hi Sarah
This is my first visit to your blog. First, I really like the drawings that pepper the writings. I can't quite tell what kind of pen you are using.

Also -- the soup and bread are healing, even from afar.

Finally, the most useful thing I take away from this post is gratitude. Thank you for spelling this all out.

Sarah said...

Welcome Caroline...I am not sure where to find you ..but so glad you stopped in and pulled up a chair with us!!
As for my pen and ink, thank you:). Generally I use a .005 Prismcolor or Micron.
Namaste, Sarah

Emmy said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea. I find even when I am playing with my kids, I lock away my inner child too much.. thinking about what needs to get done next, what else I wish I was doing.... I will take your challenge.

clairedulalune said...

Sarah, I just blogged about you! Lovely post! Love ya lady! ((hugs))

faerwillow said...

~i do not think anyone else can create such a tasty start with making my mouth nose can smell the delight wafting through the air and then your eloquent words of wisdom you always pass are a gift among us all...RISE to the occasion! brightest imbolc blessings and always much love and light to you~

Sherry Byrum said...

Bravo my friend! Bravo!
You should write a book Sarah, you are so gifted with words and your art is so wonderful. I can imagine the two of them together would create such a happy, inspiring, positive book!

I'm going to check out the unraveling class although I have already done a lot of work such as that and have tapped into my little joyful girl, she is also quite mischevious so I have to be careful. LOL

Thank you for such a positive read! It made my day!!