Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tagged again!!

I will say - I enjoy the tagging!! It is a wonderful way to get to know everyone!! Margo @ http://backattheranchjewelry.blogspot.com/ tagged me this time! She is one of amazing grace & I'm thinking some steel too! I love her blog & her jewelry is to die for!!

1. Cindy,(The Shabby Hag)asked me to elaborate on the singing thing. She is dear friend of mine from our Ebay group SEHA. I adore her work and am honored by her wonderful friendship! I was trained in my younger years,in opera, musical comedy, jazz and general music. I have done my share of singing in public. I do love to sing background harmony if I get the chance. Singing lead makes me wanna puke – lol. These days I just sing really loud around my house and on the lovely rare occasion that my daughter Hanna (in the pic... who has an amazing voice) is home – to sing harmony with her – Dixie Chicks or something fun.
2. I have five children – my 4th Fox is our only boy – poor kiddo! He is ten!! I had him at home with a midwife – amazing experience! Jim was able to do the delivery himself – under the watchful eye of the midwife!
3. My parents have passed away – my Mom when I was 27 and my Dad when I was 32. Simply put..I miss them. I have two wonderful sisters – both older than me ( rib rib), one in LA and one in Tucson. They both have finished their Masters Degree’s in the last few years and I am VERY proud of them.
4. We do not have a car! About 5 years or so ago – we sold our car with the intention of buying another larger one (Mhanon was on the way). Due to some financially rough times – we could not. After a couple of years and better times – we just were so used to walking – we didn’t get a car. I rent car every few months and do big shopping. We live right in the middle of town so that helps – doesn’t hurt run off some of the junk in my trunk either. I also barter childcare with one of my Mom’s – she does personal shopping for me. In the beginning – people kinda looked down on us – “OMG…how can you live without a car??!!!” because we were poor. LOL – now we are considered “green”. Times change.
5. Speaking of junk in the trunk – I have taken up Belly dancing. In hopes of losing some of it – lol. Love it!!!
I will tag a few blogs I love....


jane augenstein said...

Very interesting! No car, I don't think I could do without one out where I live and Gilly....well, he just wouldn't want to carry me (16 miles one way) to town. Boy, would my butt be sore after a ride like that! LOL But really, good for you! If you can get along without a car, go for it! Look at all the money saved by not having one!
Your daughter in the picture is a beauty! and you two sing together? How fun! Wish I could sing, just a little bit anyway, just for my own enjoyment that is; but no I didn't inherit any of that from my dad.
LOL Belly dancing, I have some tapes and did some of that for awhile. Wow, what good exercise and some of it is hard work too! I too have a LOT of junk in my trunk that I want to be rid of...hard work to get rid of but oh, sooooo very easy to pack it on! :-(

Tracey said...

Oh...you definitely need to record a duet for us to listen to!!

I agree, your daughter is lovely. And I'm amazed by your lack of car. Of course, I'd never be able to survive without my truck and trailer...but heck, since you live in the middle of town and can walk, I think it's great!

Kathleen Coy said...

Wow, such an interesting life! I love the fact that you had a homebirth, I think that is wonderful!

Gypsy said...

I loved reading this! It's so nice to know a little more about you~

Thank you for following my posts and yes, it's wonderful to have someone acknowledge and love you :)

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Your daughter looks so much like you!

Sarah said...

Thank you all for the comments!!!
We have kinda gotten used to the no car thing. Was awful at first. I think she's beautiful too. Thanks Gail - "blush".

Renee said...

Hanna is absolutely gorgeous. What an amazing looking girl.

I love the kids names. Is your son's name really Fox?

To look down at you for any reason, I can't ever imagine that. Most people are wonderful and some people are dicks.

I love the Dixie Chicks, my middle daughter Nadalene turned me on to them.

Guess who is going to get a little unicorn coming her way. That's right. Me.

Love Renee xoxo