Thursday, January 22, 2009

Circling My Head

I was toodling around the blogsite - nappers all asleep... I came across this blog, . I usually check out the more recent enteries to a blog I am new to, something about Renee's blog drew me in. I found myself looking for her first posts and working my way forward to present. I have "pimped" her blog here - because it touched me so deeply. Her honesty about her cancer is amazing. She made me laugh and cry & squirm in my seat. I want to thank her for reminding me how precious "normal" is & how very blessed I am!! I for one will be following her blog and pulling for her every day!! Thank you Renee for touching my heart!!!


Renee said...


Thank you for pimping me (har har).

Seriously though, this is so nice of you and so heartfelt and appreciated by me.

I felt happy that you are rooting for me, isn't that funny.

I see you have five children (lucky duck).

Love Renee

Renee said...

Forgot to tell you I love your banner.