Monday, November 26, 2012

Musing on getting older...

Yes please..a good strong coffee! Now you ask??...yuppers....:)
I recently listened to an audio book about making the most of your mornings..before 7am. Being a morning kinda gal...sorry I am an early riser, I thought, well this sounds good!! I read it and it seemed to make great sense..use the early hours to get creative stuff done. Not answering emails and FB responses etc etc...the creative stuff. Like blog posting, brainstorming, drawing, creating new ideas for artwork! Creative stuff. So ever the enthusiastic girl..I did it! For a week and a half ...Monday through Friday I popped out of bed at 5am and got down to being creative. I loved it..enjoyed the time doing creative things..blogging (finally), organizing my thoughts for the day, creating! No interuptions..everyone was time!! Whoot!
 It was great...until I realized one little two o'clock in the afternoon I was suffering from some serious brain fade and that was about the time that I was studying. Coffee was no avail..I was not retaining information like normal. System overload! So although I really liked that getting up early thing for creative occurred to me that that bright shiny brain energy needed to be applied to school. I can knit in the afternoon instead! It all left me feeling a little bit old. Sigh:/

Some other news from this week..that just proves that I am getting last little chickie, Mhanon turned 9 last week!! HOW did that happen?? But chip off the ole block..she requested a TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space) cake. If you are a Doctor Who fan you will get it. She made me proud:) She wanted to be a weeping angel for Halloween..YIKES!!
I did my best to create a TARDIS cake and a couple of Daleks for her without real tools. She was happy and it tasted I guess I did ok:)

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Happy Monday all!


sassypackrat said...

I wish my mom would make me a TARDIS cake for my birthday! You did a wonderful job!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Birthday to Mhanon! At least she asked for a TARDIS cake and not a real TARDIS. She's getting older too, I guess.

Jeanne said...

Wonderful cake! How fun! :0)
**What you need, if you get up at 5am, is a power nap right after lunch! Then you'll be refreshed for the afternoon's studies.**

Joanna Jenkins said...

That is an AWESOME cake. Happy 9th birthday Mhanon! I hope it was grand.

You are lucky to be a morning person, Sarah. I have NEVER enjoyed anything before 8AM ;-) But I'm usually up by 7AM and wish for a nap around 3PM.

Funny thing though, I can stay up until 2AM and if I wake up at 8AM, I'm good to go. But if I go to bed at 9PM and wake up a5 5AM, it is not going to be a good day. Crazy.

Hope you have a terrific week.
xo jj

PS Stop by, I'm having a giveaway.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

What a great mom you are! Wonderful cake!

Wait to you get to be my age and you are in desperate need of coffee and caffeine but you can't have caffeine after 1 PM if you ever hope of sleeping at night :(

magikalseasons said...

Hi Friend! I am the same way up early and crash early! Birthday wishes sent. :) Becca

faysal ahmed said...