Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bannerfans Tutorial and Banner Sale

I have been asked often where I create banners..or if I might do one for folks. So I thought a tutorial might be in order for those of you who might want to make one for Craft Cafe or Etsy. If you would rather not..feel free to contact me @ and I would be happy to create a simple one for you(like above) for $10.00.

So here we go..head on over to and sign up ...keep the tab open here so you can go back and forth...good luck!

Sign is free so you can save you banners and edit later if you wish.
1. Scroll down and mark add your own image.. then mark custom size (Craft café is 1040x200..Etsy is 740x100)

2. Scroll down to the next section and upload a picture you would like to use in the banner..then on the right add where you might like it to show up..don’t worry if it looks wrong you can change it. Now update your banner (don’t worry about the text we will do that next). So play with your image until you like where it is placed.
3. Now  the lines of text can be clicked and dragged around to place where you want them. We will change size and font in a second.

4.  Scroll down and click on the tab for text and font.
Line one is the larger one..for your shop name for instance… Type in your text in the first line and then click on the arrow next to Font face…that will open a new window so you can choose a font you like. Please notice at the top of the box are several “types” like..3D, creative, edgy…if you click on them they will open a slew of fun font choices.  Click Update  again to see if you like it. If the size is wrong you can click on the arrow to the right of that line that says Font size and change that too.  You might like to change the color of that line of font…to the right there is a box that will be white to that and a box will open with a spectrum of colors to click can chose there and then update.  All of these are fixable if you don’t like it…just go back and change them until you have the look you likeJ

5. Repeat with line 2, 3 etc.  On the second line the font size does not have a arrow..just click on the number and the sizes will pop up.
NOTE..for the colors on the fonts.. there is a series of letters and #’s that pop up in the box next to the little color box..that is the color code you have chosen. If you want to use that color for other line of text also..just add that series of numbers and letters in each line color box(where letters and #s are) and it will bring up the same color in the little box. That way you don’t have to mess around trying to find the very same color in the pop up box.

6. Shadows and effects tab….you can add shadows to your text here..use this the same way you did with the font..mess with it and see what you like. Just like the text tab…these have arrows that show you examples of how it might change your text and color boxes..they work the same way. This adds a bit of drama to your banner..but is not necessary. But it is a bit fun!
7. The next tab is a border for you banner..when you click on a choice another section will open below. You will again be given the choice of colors. There is also font size..which here means the size of the line not text.


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