Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Posie Pig....

The second in a series of henna inspired illustrations. I kinda like this little can see she is quite happy with her posies decorations. Standing in a bed of black eyed Susan's..she is a feast for the eyes! I am having a bit of fun with this series and am thinking there should be a few more!
Any thoughts on what kind of critter I should henna next?
Happy Wednesday all!
Hugs, Sarah

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Holly said...

Hello?!?!?! A Scottie, of course!!!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hi Sarah! Glad you're back blogging a bit now. And HRH votes for a nice hennaed cat.

Queenie Believe said...

This wee piglet is soooooo CUTE!!! I love him or would he be a she? Such a happy wee beastie :o)
Other animals to henna... how about a tiger lilly tiger.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Anonymous said...

Browsing through your pages. Found you while searching summer tag ideas. I love to work with paper and whimsical illustrations. My daughter draws and our latest project is actually transferring some of her illustrations over to my tags, just like your summer tags. LOVE your art and I look forward to visiting.
Much love,

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hahahaha-- I'm laughing at Holly's comment.

Your pig is gorgeous and put a big smile on my face. I just bought some Valori Wells fabric of an elephant-- As fun as the elephant is, I like your pig even better. It would be perfect fabric for placemats, table runners and napkins :-)
(In case you want to see what I'm talking about.)

Hope you're loving summer and enjoying your break from school.

xoxox jj