Sunday, May 20, 2012

Henna Dragon...he went a bit Boho:)

Every now and again you have an idea that you love. Making that idea translate through your fingers to the page is not always so simple. My Muse loves to tease me. So when Fancy Pants Sketch Club on Facebook offered a "Henna" challenge....well this is where I went. What creamy colored dragon wouldn't want a henna tattoo?? Sitting in a bunch of posies..cause he is a very sweet dragon.

(click on the picture to see a larger image)

I thought about doing a beautiful woman's hand or foot..but well you guys know me..I tend to color outside the to speak. So here he Henna thinking I might do a print and add a little color..what do ya think??
Happy Sunday all!


Jeanne said...

Oh, He would be most awesome in color!
Hope you're enjoying your summer off. :0)

Snap said...

I think I'm in LOVE! :D :D :D

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I LOVE this one!

Holly said...

I'd say you have a winner here with him. We all seem to really smile when we see him. Color? Yes, but I would tell you only to color his eye for the rest of him should stay just Henna Happiness!