Monday, February 20, 2012

Springy stuff....and treats....

(You can find this little piece in my Etsy shop!)
We have had very little winter here in North Idaho...very little at all. Which kinda messes with my head really. I love a good snowy winter. I know you think I am crazy..but here is why. When the snow covers the ground I can knit and draw and cozy up in my little cottage. I don't have garden guilt..none at all. But as soon as it warms up and the little bees above start to float about, I have a need to get outside and start playing in the dirt. But...the problem is this, I have school work to do, artwork pieces to complete and knitting to do. Add to that home schooling the youngest two and all the normal household stuff..and well you get the picture. It all results in a neglected garden and garden guilt on my part. Sigh...I need another month of the cold, white stuff please! Call me crazy!

In the mean time I will eat cake! ;) Carrot cake please and a really wonderful butter pecan latte. Double shot, skinny, light on the foam. Would you like one too??
Happy Monday all, Sarah


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Don't worry about the gardening yet. I always plant things too early in the spring and half of it dies! :D The carrot cake looks great!

Holly said...

I understand this. The same is true for Western PA and it's way too early for me to see stuff starting to sprout, but there it all is and there's a lot that needs to have my attention. Too much stuff and too little of me! But come and eat one of those cakes with you?! Are you serious! I would love that!

The Strawberry Mallard said...

YES!!!!!!!! Garden I know what it's called!!! LOL
Hugs to you dear talented lady!
Nancy and the critters

Emmy Blue said...

Lovely! Your whimsical illustrations are getting me excited for spring!! I love this blog! Xx