Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cozy Dragons and work...:)

I really wanted to get them outside and draw them in the snow..but they were not having anything to do with the white stuff. They are very happy to hang out in the house. Curled up and cozy dozing by the fire. It was a fun little piece to do, an exercise in depth and perspective. Click on the picture to see all the details. I will have this one up in my Etsy shop later today:)

Here is the one I am working on today. The ink work is complete and I am about to put color to the page..always the scary part!! This piece will be donated to an auction for our local elementary school. Although we are now home schooling...we love Sorenesen and I am more than happy to add a little treat to the mix! This one is similar to "A Good Ride"..cause I had so much fun with that one..I thought a sweet little unicorn would be fun to do. is a bit crazy. Trying to keep up with my classes, finishing taxes, home schooling, artwork..and life in general..has me hoping! But I did do something amazing today! My daughter Kate gave me a gift certificate to  Earthly Beauty for Christmas. A full facial which included hand and feet massage and a full facial. soooooo relaxed! Was heaven..truly was. Thank ya sweetie! So for today..I am a relaxed Mama! I am thinkin' I need to do this again..every month! ;)
Happy Saturday all, Sarah


Snap said...

Love those dragons!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Dragons are no fools. Why be cold when there's a cozy fire inside?

And I see you're gearing up for Irish Heritage Day already!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ahhhhh, a Spa Day. how very, very nice for you :-)

You know I'm a fan of your art and these are both fantastic.

xoxo jj

Emmy Blue said...

I am literally squealing with delight! I LOVE your magical dragons...