Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quilting Bee #2.2

Good morning all!! Welcome to it spring where you are? This morning we have a delightful mix of snow and rain..basically sleet..kinda. Which really is ok with me..cause I have a lot of inside stuff to let it sleet! We have bits of color popping here, a few beautiful. My rhubarb is unfurling in the front yard too!

My little cottage is a bit chilly here we will meet inside, next to the fire place..where it is cozy! I have set out some delicious treats today and my local barrista has popped by to make you whatever your heart desires! Lets see, we have muffins today..delicious, hot, right out of the oven kind. Blueberry, banana, lemon and almond poppy seed, vanilla, chocolate, peach and mixed berry! I adore a good muffin. I have also set out some delicious Greek yogurt..oh my have you tried this yet? HEAVEN!! Granola of course and fresh fruit..mixed berries..cause they are delicious! So grab a plate and pull up a chair and lets get started! So glad you have joined me today!

Many of you know I am a cold weather gal..I adore the cool Fall and Winter and even Spring I enjoy. I am not so fond of summer. I tend to have massive garden guilt at this point in the year. Despite my joy at seeing things bloom everywhere..and I loooove my perennials..there is this huge weight that demands attention...weeds..and pruning..etc. Ackkkkk! Now I know this a pure joy to some..they cannot wait to head out and play in the garden. Ya know..I wanna feel that way..cause I really do enjoy it. But when I have spent the whole week chasing kiddos and creating every other spare moment..taking those last bits of time and weeding..just kinda puts me off. Sigh.

So I was thinking..what would happen if I just didn't..weed that is..or whatever it is that might have you stuck and not looking forward to whatever it is you don't look forward to? Why do we do this? Make ourselves crazy about stuff every the point that we dread the season? Am I keeping up with the neighbors..who are all retired and have the time to putter and create amazing gardens? Is it that we are homeowners and that means...expectations that we will continue to improve the property..despite lack of funds? Hmmmm...or is is old tapes? My father had an amazing garden every year..both flowers and veggies!? What is it that drives me here to compete? Is it part of the whole idea I have in my head about what this sweet little cottage should look like when folks walk by?? my head it looks like this...ok am chocking back a giggle here.

My point here is this..often we drive ourselves and make ourselves miserable without even giving it thought. I have said several times in the last month that I was not ready for Spring and the garden guilt that will come with it. BUT..clearly I was not listening to myself. Cause a smart woman would have stopped and said..wait a minute..what is really bothering you? If garden guilt is bothering me..why do I keep planning what to do with the space in the yard that is not completed..not planted..etc?? Clearly I enjoy the what about it makes me nuts? Really when it came down to it all it is time! A lack there of really. I only have so much time to go around and when summer is used up by the kiddos that fill my house everyday!! We play and do messy art and tie dye. I also micromanage young personalities all summer. Then in July I get started with the Fall and holiday artwork. Seriously there is little energy left to mess with the garden when I am done. When I look at it this way is becomes clear that my expectations of my spring and summer time and the reality of what is available is a bit doodely wonkers.

So this week on Spring break..I will be seriously rethinking my spring and summer plans and time management. Looking for places that my expectations overwhelm the time available. Regrouping my expectations and maybe creating a more peaceful, less guilt filled summer! Cause really..don't we all want a little bit of carefree in the sunny season? My flowerbed maybe a bit more freeform..more little weeds with chickweek..but I will be a more relaxed me by the end I think!

So how about you? Do you over book the summer..or maybe another season? Do you need to do some honest regrouping so the season will flow with a bit more balance? I would love it if you could share with us what your experience is!! Thank you for joining me today!!

OK..I would like a lemon poppy seed muffin with a tall, skinny, decaf. raspberry, lots of foam please!! What can I get you this morning?

Have a wonderful week all!!
Hugs and Namaste, Sarah


sassypackrat said...

Mmmm, muffins! My backyard looks so different in my head than it does in reality. I wish I had the time, energy and money to make the image a reality. But for now the dog likes it the way it is. ;0)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

One solution might be to plant perennials in the garden -- that way they just come up by themselves every year. Of course, there's still bed maintenance and other yard work.

A better solution might be -- just take this year off! No gardening! Just cut the grass once in a while when it gets ankle high, LOL! Give yourself a break!

Christine said...

I definately get garden guilt but not because of time management. Energy is my biggest problem. I plant what I think I can take care of--well maybe what I want to be able to take care of and in reality, I just don't have the energy to take care of it all!!!

You know, your little ones are getting old enough to have a few garden chores! That would help you a lot and let you have your pretty garden!

Cinner said...

This is what I did last year, I bought packages of wild flowers through them in amongst my flowers and what came up came up. it was beautiful. the odd weed I pulled, I kind of liked it, it was less work...seemed to work if you love wild flowers. hugs to you Sarah.

Simply Smitten said...

It's always a great thing to re-examine you life. What's working? What isn't? Anything I find myself dreading, means there's room for improvement! There are some people who do garden "naturally", usually in vegetable gardens, but they swear things grow much better! Maybe you should give that a try... let it grow in all it's wild glory! :)

Dede said...

Remember, a well manicured yard has no life! Make it a summer of a yard over flowing with life! If something causes you stress that is an option to do, why would you choose to do it? Nope not me, I like to garden, to grow food, most of the flowers in my yard are either on the trees or ones that have to fend for them selves. Life is to short, do what you enjoy doing, don't stress over what other people think, cause really, who cares what they think? Wishing you an enjoyable week!


stregata said...

Thanks for sharing this, Sarah! Since I took up jewelry making, my garden has been neglected... and I am full of guilt. So I guess I need to rethink...

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Beautiful photos!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Reading this, I wished I had a mouthful of chocolate muffin :-) and oh how I can relate.

I long ago gave up on gardening since I truly do not have a green thumb, but summer brings "entertaining guilt" for me. I love having friends over for bbqs and gatherings but, well, um.... I'm not a big fan of entertaining family-- And that's stressful because it's basically "expected" of me. It's and EXHAUSTING task-- more like a job then enjoyment.

But this Spring I have once again laid down the law and announced meals will only be take-out, which will reduce the number considerably. (I hope)

Fingers crossed I can stick to it.

xoxo jj

JDConwell said...

Hey! I LOVE chickweed! Seriously...I buy it dried from our whole foods store to make tea with--but I'd prefer to have it fresh to eat. Our ground's a little dry and sandy for it to grow well here. This "weed" is a great metabolism booster, chock full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So, let the chickweed grow, go play with the kiddos, and toss some "weeds" in a salad for dinner. :~)