Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quilting Bee #18

Hello everyone! This week I am doubly happy to see you here! I have pulled out all the stops. I have my friend Sarah here again today..she has brought her latte machine and will make you anything you or cold! I have set out some delicious Quiche with bacon or ham and a veggie frittata..yum! We have some lovely Gala apples from Washington and wrapped them in delicious pastry..they are hot and bubbly and topped off with homemade vanilla ice cream. We aslo have some yummy huckleberries and strawberries to nibble on and of course some creamy yogurt.

I have racked a new quilt today full of paths and gentle turns. Thank you for joining me again today. Please pull up a chair.

Last week was a rough one for me. Lots of reasons I guess. Jim is gone and it greatly affects the kids and I. We miss him. He misses us. It has been painful. You get used to someone being around, sometimes take for granted the little things they do to ease your day. You forget their worth. How simple encouragements bolster your day. The hug, the passing kiss, the little shoulder rub...yup those things.

So..I was blue already. As I wandered through the blogs last week I also noticed something afoot. There was some really negative things going on here and there. Snipping and snarkiness, hurt full comments and loss. Conversations about the over abundance of positiveness here on the blogs. A couple of folks I love have decided to quit blogging for a bit, I will miss their voices. One friend was blindsided and deeply hurt by unnecessary gossip. Someone even mentioned being stalked by followers??!! weeks end I wasn't blue I was a deep shade of indigo!!

I pondered over the concept that all of the encouragement and loving energy that is offered here every day was somehow false and smarmy. I could not wrap my head around that one. Still it stuck with me and troubled me. How is it possible to offer up kindness and concern to another and have that considered worthless and not genuine? When I take the time to go to someone's blog and post a comment - I mean what I say. I suspect for the very large part of us here, you do to!

I feel deep connections with so many of the folks I know here. I follow folks that I feel in tune with. Sometimes that is a common interest, like art or photography. Sometimes we have similar beliefs about life. Some of these folks I follow are beyond amazing and I hope to learn at their feet! I have inch deep and mile deep friends here. All of them are important to me. So as I saw things going south this week - I was questioning my perspective. Had I given this place too much worth, was I expecting too much..had I missed the point? I was doubting my reason for being here.

Then in beautiful synchronicity..I received an email. At the point where I was just so deeply sad and doubting. As always happens when the universe turns as it should and your questions are answered..I was given my answer. I hope she does not mind me speaking of it here..a huge thank you hon. She told me about her experience blogging with me, the back and forth..the positive things she found on my blog and how it made her feel. I was thunder struck and so deeply touched by her words. Right there..I remembered why I blog. Why I am here. Because it touches me. Because it offers me a chance to reach out and touch you..if I'm lucky. It is not smarmy or overly is what I love about being here. If this is what was meant by being stalked by followers...stalk away folks. I am blessed to have you and hope you find something of worth following me.

So, despite any negativity out there...please continue to offer up who you are. Laughter and tears, pain and pleasure, silliness and seriousness, love and rants. Please know that as I wander through this world of blogging ..when I post a comment, I mean every word that I offer up to you. I guess what I am saying is all of those little things you offer me everyday.. are worth so very much and I have not taken you for granted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart what you have offer me!!

Oh and Jim.... will be home this week..not a moment too soon.. This cougar is very ready for his return..hope he is rested up..giggle, snort!! I would love for you to tell me what you find here in blogland that feeds you? What makes your soul sing here? Please share your experience!

I think I will go off and get a snack..would you join me? Hmmmmm let see I think I will have a double shot, skinny, raspberry, iced, 20 oz latte and a little slice of quiche and some of those huckleberries please....yummmmm. Thank you all for being here again today. Namaste, Sarah


Christine said...

I've been feeling kinda blue too. But I always know that it will go away! How can it not go away with my nieces wedding this week.

I haven't had any problems with negative comments. It's sad that people choose this outlet to do that. I try very hard to never have negativity in my posts.

Since I live alone and don't go out that much, some days these are the only conversations I have. I enjoy the thought provoking, silly, creative, artistic approaches that people bring to their blogs!


Danielle Barlow said...

Thankyou for the help identifying my chillies!
Sorry you have been feeling glum - there is no reason for snarkiness from people. I blog for myself and I love that this is a such a positive community. Your blog is a particularly uplifting one, and I visit because I enjoy that! I find the wealth of creativity here in blogland very inspiring.I don't always leave comments - time is short, and I am a naturally reticent person, and wouldn't 'gush' in real life, so it feels fake to do it here. It does mean that my comments are genuine, and not false positives!
Keep it up!

Sonia ;) said...

say it like it is...gawd with positive I wouldnt want to be in this world. Understand everyone has those bad days..Oi do I know...But hell if we are not the light in the dark who will be..You know when you and I started blogging our confidence was like the first day in High School....Now we have helped each other blossom into Swans...Ok Im the black swan...LOL..You are right..I post honestly and with total emotion...I would never ever want someones snide remaks to hinder me...

You rock babe!!!!!!!! Welcome Home Jim!!!!!! The cougar shall pounce..LOL

xoxoxoxoxoox S

Renee said...

Sarah there are shitty people all over the world.

Thank God that they are out-numbered 1,000 to 1.

Love Renee xoxo

Holly said...

I agree completely with your take on this topic; but that's not surprising I suppose since, as you said, we tend to gather at places that seem comfortable and share our point of view.

I'll say this...even with some of the very unfortunate situations I've experienced lately, I wouldn't change a thing. Because if I hadn't started blogging...I would have never had the pleasure of meeting you and tons of others who are so worth my time...who teach...who share...who entertain...who bowl me over with their talent.

I guess any light that bright can also cast a very deep shadow. If I want the light, the shadow is part of the package.

Luckily, I see the light way more than I'm ever enveloped in the shadow.

Brightest Blessings on both of us, and all of us who put it out there on our blogs.


Whimsical Works by Shug said...

I have been so busy that I just sat down to try and reconnect with blogs, YOTP and more.
Your words are always postive and that's the way it should be. Even in difficult times. positive attitudes win over every single time. So, no matter what silly, small minded and gossip numbing negatives arise for our friends, it is always a friend or supporter to prop our friends up with Posisitve words.......
So thanks for the read..... Hope to see more and never fear, positive words are here to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your is on YOTP,

Whimsical Works by Shug said...

I meant to say you SIS in YOTP()()())))) My typing stinks.... Kim

Silver said...

These are the risks we put ourselves at by being here. Some days we get shot at, most days, we are able to breeze through the day simply because there are all these "friends" around the globe cheering you on, praying for you, encouraging you on with their kind words ..

there are always some stoopid ones around. we all know that one. but they are too insignificant to be counted.


Sherry Byrum said...

Oh dear Sarah, don't let a few people change your blogging. I for one love your blog. I read it every day. I know about some of your trials in life and you still remain so positive. You are a dear friend to me, I would miss your blog more then I can express. It gives me hope, to watch you grow, to watch your art, it is a gift. You are a beautiful spirit! Keep sharing, no matter what.

Lora said...

What a wonderful blog, Sarah. Thank you for posting a link to it. What a nice thing to wake up to. Thanks for sharing your artwork, your beautiful family and your thoughts!
Now, I need to go get a snack...your descriptions of treats made me hungry!

Sheila said...

Lovely quilt today - glad I made it to the Bee. And as always, your descriptives have me drooling...I'll take a shot of caramel in a latter otherwise just like yours please.

I often wish more of us were raised to just keep it to themself if they have nothing nice to say? It's a shame some seem to thrive on peppering the rest of the world with their bitterness and crap and a greater shame that sometimes you happen to step in it. But, I always write in gift cards to newlyweds something to the effect that life must have just enough of the bitter/sour to recognize and savor the sweet so expect it and hope you appreciate the sweet enough to not need much. I wish that for you too, today.

And enjoy your reunion with Jeff - may it be very, VERY SUHWEET!


I just found your great blog. You have a beautiful family. I pray your husband has a safe trip home. I know you must miss him a lot. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I enjoy all of my blogging friends new and old. Hope you have a great day. Blessings,

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Why is it that we believe the negative is somehow more "real" than the positive? That is such an unexamined truism of our culture. More of us are learning a different way of being. What we focus on, where our attention is -- that is where our truth lies. Why add to the negative in the world when you can be a force for the positive? Thanks for blogging, Sarah!

Kim said...

I'm so sad to think that some bloggers spoil it for the rest of us.

I had a tiny upset last year and nearly quit, but I've met so many lovely people that I'd miss them all. To meet some bloggers in real life is an extra bonus when you find that they are just the same people and have the same things in common.

It's good that Jim will be back soon, I can tell how happy you are :)

Take care hun

Kim x

clairedulalune said...

I was thinking exactly the same Sarah. I was so saddened by the recent darkness amongt some here and it disappointed me in a way.I thought I should tone down my blog? It made me wonder and pause before leaving a comment, thinking "it that too much?" "Does that sound patronising? I certainly never intend to" Basically slightly paranoid at some of the posts and some nasty nameless comments too at a time most ungracious for a few people.
I didnt sign up for all that. That's the reason i love it here, I get enough negativity in everylife regrettfully. I come here and ENJOY settling down to read blogs and catch up on every day life, real life, and no BS. Everybody is different. The only word I can find is world wide community. Im so glad you have posted this, fantastic read, every few seconds I was reading with shouts of, (picture mad Irish woman) "your right there Sarah love" and Oh my God, she is a mind reader!" On to brighter days and cougar nights with Jim! Hehehehe!(dirty laugh!)

Sheila said...

OOOPS! I meant Jim, not Jeff...(lol - make SURE 'Jeff' gets out the door before Jim comes up the driveway - chuckles) My bad!

Sarah said... will totally freak him out!! Poor guy!! ROFLMAO giggle snort

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

It is totally odd that you felt that way...perhaps I am a bit out of the loop and haven't read the comments to know the negativity. I try to tune that kind of stuff tends to spread like a virus and attack any and everyone it comes in contact with. Many times, I don't read the other comments left on someones blog because I am talking to them...a one on one so to speak. If I do go to a blog and there is negativity, I tune out for that day. I love reading the wealth of information and thinking, the amazing talent, and the people that make me laugh. I feel downright depressed if I don't read some of the blogs I want to in a day. So if my comments seem smarmy to someone else..TOUGH! I mean what I say and try to say what I mean (my vernacular is lacking at times!). I'd love a good latte now and step off of my soap box!

Almost forgot to add...I am so glad that Jim is coming home!!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Wow, I must be out of the loop as well. People can be so mean and harsh sometimes.

I do enjoy each and every visitor who comes by. You are an inspiring blogger and I look forward to hopping over here.

I am so glad Jim will be home soon, I miss my other half when he's working as well. Have a great week, and enjoy that yummy latte!

Jan said...

I love the honesty of this post, dear one. Especially this statement:
"How is it possible to offer up kindness and concern to another and have that considered worthless and in not genuine? When I take the time to go to someone's blog and post a comment - I mean what I say. I suspect for the very large part of us here, you do to!" You and I are cut from the same cloth.

This is what I do and always mean it or I do not say anything at all. I actually use it for fodder for spiritual practice. I assess how open or closed my heart is. Thought, truthfully, this doesn't happen very often because I frequent blogs that exude kindness, because I think that is the only reason we are be kind to one another. Really!